Initial review “not worth it”. though the results aren’t 100% what i thought, there is some improvement

Smart Lipo: Was worth it
Cost: $3,250
Pain: Uncomfortable
Satisfaction: Fair

Definately more saggy skin on the banana roll area than there was previously. The best way to describe the appearnce… think of someone who’s lost a lot of weight then their skin hangs.  It’s like several creases or big wrinkles if you will.  Because of the distance of the photo it isn’t as noticeable as it is in person. The laser hasn’t helped tighten at all but there is some difference in the appearance of my buttocks.  For that reason I am one the fence but leaning more towards worth it.  When deciding if this procedure is for you, you just have to decide if the fat loss is more important than the appearance of the skin.  I’m sure age is a factor.

This review is the subjective opinion of a Patient and not of this website!

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